How I Work

1Visit my showroom

Visit my Showroom to run through options, ideas, colours and budget.  Phase 3 is a small business so I ask that you book in to see me as a lot of my time is spent in the factory manufacturing dream kitchens and may not always be in the showroom if you happen to just pop in 😊

I will be happy to run through everything with you, and guide you through each step to creating your new dream kitchen and explain how I work.

2 Site Visit 1 Design & Specification

I will pop out to where the kitchen is going to be installed and run through where you may like certain things and help with initial measurements to allow me to go away and produce you some amazing kitchen designs and ideas Using the latest design software!  You can then come back back to the showroom to make changes to the design to get it to be exactly what you are looking for using the big screen we can play around with different options. The first two designs are free of charge but anything Further at this stage is chargeable at £30 per set of reasonable changes un-till or unless a deposit is paid and then further reasonable changes can be made free of charge. 

3Order placed-Site Visit 2, with fitter or installer.

Site visit with Fitter or installer to run through the plan, I will at this point run through everything to make sure they are 100% happy with how it’s going to work so that everything is as smooth as possible with the installation. I can do this with one of our associated fitters or your own. If it is your own fitter, I ask them to be on site so we can run through each aspect and make sure they are happy with the items they are going to fit. I also ask that only Kitchen installers are used to fit Phase 3 products and they must visit the showroom before hand so I can run through how the products work.

Final Changes - any final changes you would like to make or the installer feels need changing. I will then make a Final plan and design for you to review to make sure your 100% happy.


I will then manufacture your kitchen in the factory using the latest technology in CNC machining, ensuring a high-quality product is produced every time. Each cabinet is assembled by hand , then individually checked for quality prior to being packaged for transport.

5Final Check

When the kitchen is finished and ready to be dispatched, I do one final quality check, I will lay the whole kitchen out dry in order to the floor plan to make sure one last time that nothing is missing. I do this one week before delivery giving a chance to check all parts are present before it gets to you.


Your order will go through a stringent booking in and out process to ensure that everything required for your new kitchen is delivered on time, and in an orderly manner! As above I dry fit the kitchen to the lay out to make sure each part is present and then load this in to the van. The kitchen will then be delivered on the first day of the week ready for install. 


Aftercare and support, as a small business I pride myself on my  personal touch and I am always happy to support you going forward. I like to come out after the kitchen has been installed to see your wonderful new kitchen that has been bought life and if you allow us to take some pictures for our webpage.