Why Choose Us

In the few years that we’ve been running the brand, Phase 3 has quickly built itself a strong reputation for high-quality products, at affordable pricing. With more than 50% of our customers coming from recommendations and repeat business, it’s easy to see why we’re one of the quickest growing kitchen manufacturers in the region.

We understand that a new kitchen is a larger undertaking with lots of different things to consider. Our design team regularly take advice and training from industry experts to ensure they can offer you their knowledge and experience to tailor make a design that ticks every box you’re looking for.

What makes Phase 3 different from the competition?

Well, we don’t inflate our prices to then give you a variable discount, so you might think you’ve got a great price compared to the list price, but as the discount can vary so much do you ever really know if you’re getting a good deal? With Phase 3 we don’t want you to feel like you’re being messed around or have to ask to get the best price, so we’ve set ourselves up to offer a great price from the get go.

None of our design team work on a commission basis, so when you walk into our showroom you will be greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere. It’s very relaxed, with no pushy salesperson calling you countless times a day to order by a set date so that you keep the discount they’ve offered you.

Going directly to a manufacturer, we’re able to offer a more bespoke service where required, meaning we can cater to many more needs and adapt our units to meet the specification of your needs and room before they leave us, not expecting this to be altered on site but your fitter.

Not only do all of our units come fully assembled, any internals we supply (such as pull-outs, clever storage solutions, bins etc.) come pre-installed at no extra cost to you, which will save a lot of time (and money) when it comes to fitting the kitchen! All of our units are made to order, so you needn’t worry about taking a damaged item home, only to have to deal with the stress and hassle of getting it replaced. All our items are individually inspected prior to being delivered, so we can ensure our quality from start to end is of the highest calibre!

We endeavour to source the best quality materials on the market place, exclusively using Blum hinges and drawer systems and Egger board, but to name a few of the advantages of our units. We offer 5 cabinet colours by standard which are all the same price (with many more carcass colour options available, covered within our bespoke services), to give you a great variety of selection without having to pay more for that added feel of luxury.