Why Choose Us


What makes Phase 3 different from the competition?

  • I offer a real personal experience to my customers and I don't want to flood the Market place with hundreds of the same generic kitchens so your kitchen will remain far more unique than buying one from the big suppliers! I only manufacture a Maximum of 2-3 Retail kitchens per month this means you can get a genuinely unique kitchen rather than the over produced kitchens by our competitors but still without paying over the odds for it.
  • I have many years design and manufacturing experience combined, and I pride myself on my care for clients and quality of products.
  • Top quality solid Cabinets that are made to order and will outlast all the mass-produced cabinets from the big sheds.  See our cabinets section for more information.
  • Free door samples to help with other aspects of your kitchen i.e paint and tiles.