Here at Phase 3 our aim is to design and manufacture dream Kitchens using quality products and offer a remarkable level of service.

We are passionate about quality kitchens offering lots of choice, Great client care with a service that is truly individual.  

Our Clients

To date 80% of our clients are recommendations. We don’t look to price match or beat other quotes from alternative companies. We look to supply dream kitchens to the exact specification set by the client. We spend time achieving this and full support is given at all times. We truly care about our clients and the products they receive.


We have exceptionally high-quality standards and a vast history of very happy customers. Our top-quality solid Cabinets are made to order and will outlast all the mass-produced cabinets from the big sheds. See our cabinets section for more information. We work closely with a small number of suppliers, offering the very best in Kitchen components and raw materials. The relationships we have created with our suppliers are extremely important to us; we do not shop around for the cheapest resources; we only look for the best and most sustainably sourced.

We work extremely hard to try and meet the high expectations set by our clients.  Phase 3 is a very small, local, independent company, products are not off the shelf and are all made to order. As a small team, we have many years design and manufacturing experience combined. We only take on a certain number of kitchens per year allowing us to dedicate our time and knowledge to each project, to make sure that we continue to supply quality through the process we do not overload ourselves so our attention detail is always there.

Phase 3 Vs other independent kitchen retailers

All of our Kitchens are produced at our factory site in Bridport, Dorset. We make our own cabinets unlike most other independent kitchen companies who buy it all as a complete package from a third party. We take great pride in the fact we make the kitchens up on site and this always means we are in full control of quality of each product at all times and we can truly complete bespoke requirements getting over many hurdles where others cannot.

Phase 3 vs Large corporate sheds

A lot of the large corporate kitchen retailers do mass produce their products; we make ours specially for our clients. Although many units in a kitchen will be standard sizes, where we are smaller and offer a very personal service, we can adapt to suit your kitchen space perfectly rather than using standard sizes with multiple fillers to fill the space.

We offer quality through the process not just the product! You will receive personal service from start to finish and we will not leave any stone unturned until the client is happy. Each kitchen means something to us at Phase 3 not just another sale to make up the sale numbers. We are also very adaptable and can change to meet clients’ needs a lot quicker and more effectively than larger generic businesses.


We price ourselves in the market place that on most occasions we will be more expensive than the large “corporate Sheds” but we tend to be less than other independent retailers but at the same time offering an excellent service that is hard to beat and worth paying for when considering a kitchen project and want it done properly.