At Phase-3 Kitchens we are passionate about making the world a cleaner, greener space. We understand that we may not be able single handily change the world and reach economic perfection however, we believe that the small changes we make will in turn have a positive impact, for generations to come.

Highlighted below and some of the ways in which we are aiming to help. We are always trying to find new and innovative ways to improve our businesses sustainability. If you have any ideas on further ways this can be achieved, we would love to hear them.

We have recently just run an internal sustainably Audit 


We are proud to support the National Forest, a charity who for over 25 years, have been working to redevelop over 200 square miles of Central England, into a new wooded landscape for the nation. Planting trees is only the beginning, the tireless work of the National Forest helps to reduce CO2 emissions, restore habits and help wildlife to thrive all whilst enabling the beautiful forest to flourish.

To support the National Forest, we have pledged to donate and dedicate a tree for every Kitchen we produce.

Visit the National Forest website to find out more about the incredible work they do. 


When planning your Kitchen, the highest quality optimisation software is used. This helps to calculate the exact amount of raw material required, keeping waste to the absolute minimum. Working closely with a small number of suppliers enables us to bulk deliveries together, in turn minimising the carbon footprint of each Kitchen.


All fixtures that are supplied with our Kitchen are provided in Kraft paper bags. These bags are fully compostable and degrade in just 10 weeks.  It includes a zip lock on top, which means they can be reused in a number of different ways. We kindly ask that once finished, that the bags are returned to Phase 3 Kitchens so they can be cleaned and reused. 

We strongly advice our clients to recycle all other cardboard. 


Our Handmade fitting boxes are made to be reused by Phase-3 time and time again. We kindly ask that any fittings left spare are left inside the box, ready to be reused. When the kitchen is complete, we will come round and collect this along with the Kraft paper bags that can be packed neatly back in the box ready for collection.


All of our kitchens are delivered by our small dedicated team, who take great pride in the products they produce. We aim for deliveries to be plastic free, soft reusable blankets are used to help protect the Kitchens in transit. 

By choosing to purchase your Kitchen via Phase-3 Kitchens you are already and unknowingly helping the environment. This is because all of our products are built using the best quality components and materials. Each and every Kitchen is built to last for many many years, reducing the need for change. 


We run and appointment only system with our showroom, we found that this has multiple benefits for our business, one of them being that we are not wasting electric by having all our heaters and lighting on when there is no one in the showroom, we turn it all on for appointment days and we turn it all off so it is not wasting electric when we have none.