About Us

Phase 3 Kitchens is a Kitchen brand created by Rob Parker in 2015, (who was formally part of the long-standing local business F G Parker a third-generation family business run by his Grandfather)

In 2015 we decided that the local area was missing out on an affordable quality solution to buying a new kitchen so we made it our aim to give the public an alternative to the high-end over Priced showrooms  and big commercial sheds offering generic of the shelf kitchens , this was when Phase 3 was formed. We have the ability to supply quality kitchens  at a reasonable price but at a good level of quailty. We don't try to compete or compare our prices to others we offer a an affordable quality product and service to match the price you pay and are completely open from the start. 

 We are a very small team and don’t Bite of more than we can chew, we only take on 1 design per week this means we can put our full commitment and efforts in to your design to try and give you exactly what you a are looking for without having to rush. This also applies in production  we only supply a limited amount of retail kitchens per year, this is so we can put our full concentration in to producing the best quality kitchens setting it aside from your bog standard run of the mill kitchens. This also ensures that we don't flood the market with lots Generic Kitchens.

As a family run business with a very small local team we ask that Appointments are booked well in advance.  Lastly, we hope that you will want us to support you through all the steps to making your dream kitchen a reality, from a local independent family run business that cares.

Above: Our Bridport factory back in the 1960s