Kitchen Cabinets

Quality is at the forefront of everything we produce and our kitchen cabinets (made to order at our Bridport manufacturing facility) are no exception.

From the bottom to the top we will deliver a high-quality cabinet to ensure your locally manufactured kitchen is built to last:

  • From underneath the cabinet, using a larger, bulky fitting for the feet of the cabinet ensures a strong and stable platform for your kitchen to be built from.
  • Using matching 2mm edging adhered to your cabinet using PUR glue, not only do we ensure all of the products will have a luxurious, smooth radius on every shown corner, we add both heat and moisture resistance in this process to keep with our built to last ethos.
  • Our cabinets are built using Cam & Dowel construction, to ensure a solid, rigid build for all of our units. If you do unexpectedly find an issue on site, it does mean that all of our units can be quickly and simply taken apart so you can rework the unit on site around the issue, and then rebuild the unit with ease.
  • We use soft-close hinges and Tandembox drawers from Blum (with the quality of product truly living up to their reputation) by standard, with a 30kg capacity for each individual drawer, and the ability to turn off the soft-close on each hinge if you want the soft-close component to engage at a later stage. Each drawer comes with a non-slip base insert at the bottom, to add that extra finishing touch to your kitchen.
  • Using 18mm MFC throughout (including a full solid 18mm back) we ensure our units are completely rigid and going to offer both the quality and the built to last characteristics you would expect from a Phase 3 cabinet.
  • Using a twin rail system at the top of our cabinet ensures you have a stable location to mount your worktop onto, whilst allowing the flexibility of an area to mount an appliance within.
  • Any internal mechanism supplied by Phase 3 (drawers, pull-outs, bins etc.) will all come pre-installed into your cabinet at no additional cost. Not only does this ensure it’s fitted in exactly the right place on each cabinet, it can save a large amount of time (and therefore money) on fitting the kitchen, which all ensures we’re offering a high level of quality for both our products and our service.
  • Each unit is individually assembled and packaged by hand in our manufacturing facility, ensuring every single one is inspected for quality before it is dispatched, so we know you’re going to receive a high-quality product each time, every time!

In short, each cabinet is built to a high specification and then hand built to ensure it meets the level of quality you would expect from a Phase 3 product, that is going perform at the highest level for many years to come.

Purchasing directly from the manufacturer means that you’re getting your individual kitchen units made-to-order, directly beside our trade cabinets, with no middle man in-between! We offer 7 carcass colours within our standard range which are all the same price:  

Your units will be the same as our trade cabinets, however, as we do manufacture these units ourselves, we do have the ability to cater to more individual requirements and adapt our units to suit your individual needs, such as adapting the size of a unit, or a bespoke carcass colour.

If you’d like to find out more about what adaptions we have available, please see our blog post link here for further info

7 Stock cabinet colours

If you’re looking for a drawer system to meet a higher specification, we also offer Blum’s Legrabox which uses the latest in drawer technology. Further to offering a 40kg capacity per individual drawer (10kg greater than our standard Tandembox), it also comes in the very popular finish of Orion Grey (also known as Anthracite), moving away from the light grey of Tandembox. Where Legrabox really comes into its own is the additional options that are available with a higher spec drawer. These include space towers (drawers hidden within Larder units), cut-outs for sink surrounds, hidden cutlery drawers, and the option of a push-to-open upgrade but to name a few. We can also offer clever storage solutions in an anthracite finish from Kessebohmer, which complement each other very well!

Want to find out more about a push-to-open style of kitchen? View our blog post here