It is important to establish a delivery date as early into the design process as possible. Sign off of all documentation must be completed a minimum of 6 weeks before the agreed delivery date to allow enough time for production. 

During the Commitment phase of design, you will have the opportunity to reserve a delivery slot. These are allocated on a week commencing basis, allowing plenty of flexibility to deliver on a day best suited to you. Delivery slots are fixed, we therefore recommend you have a safe location your Kitchen can be stored ahead of installation. If you are unable to find a safe location or your installation has been delayed, Phase-3 Kitchen may be able to provide safe storage. This is subject to availability and will incur a storage fee. If storage is required, your Kitchen will be re-delivered on the next available date provided by Phase-3 Kitchens. For more information on delivery and storage, please speak with a member of our team.   

On the day of delivery, your Kitchen will go through a stringent booking in and out process, ensuring that everything required is delivered on time and in an orderly manner.  

The service provided by Phase- 3 Kitchens does not simply stop once your Kitchen has been delivered. We are always on hand to aid with any questions and queries you may have. 


We recommend that your new Kitchen is installed by a fully qualified Kitchen fitter, whom we will work closely with to ensure your project is as smooth sailing as possible. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a project management service and are therefore unable to organise additional services and trades. We can however, provide details of our recommended fitters if needed.

Quotations provided by Phase-3 Kitchens, do not include a fitting cost. We recommend our clients contact additional services and trades as early into the design process as possible. 

During the commitment process, we will meet on site with your chosen fitter to discuss and run through the Kitchen plans in-depth. Your fitter will then be required to sign the plans off to confirm the kitchen will fit the space and that they are happy and able to install. Upon delivery, a full fitters information pack will also be provided.