The Planning Phase is by far the lengthiest stage of the process however, also the most important. This is where all of the fun, design aspects happen and you finally see your dreams come together on paper. We have split this Phase into 4 easy to remember steps, as detailed below. 


The start of creating your dream kitchen begins with the completion of a simple questionnaire designed to highlight the key aspects of design for you. Following this you will be invited to our fully equipped showroom for a free no obligation consultation with our Designer. This is booked as a 1.5 hour appointment and is the perfect opportunity for you to have an uninterrupted look around the showroom and all of the wonderful features on offer.  As well as allowing you time with our Designer, to discuss further your Kitchen plans and ideas and ask any questions you may have.  We recommend bringing along any ideas and photographs you have to this appointment; it will really help us understand the direction you would like to go. 


Following the consultation, if you would like to proceed with our Design process, you will enter our Design Package. This is charged at £60 including VAT and includes the following:

  • A full home measure of your Kitchen space by our Designer 
  • Rendered images of your Kitchen Design and full quotation
  • One set of Design amendments
  • Updated images reflecting any required changes and amended quotation


At this stage in the process, once your amended design has been returned and you wish to proceed with Phase- 3 Kitchens, we kindly ask for a £250 commitment fee, this ultimately means you would like to continue with the Design process. It is important to remember clients are under no obligation to purchase a Kitchen via Phase-3 Kitchens at this stage.  The payment is deducted from the cost of the overall Kitchen price, and ensures the following:

  • Access to floor plans
  • Further changes to your Kitchen Design
  • The ability to book and hold your required delivery date.
  • Access to 2 coloured door samples of choice to take away and try
  • A Full Fitting survey (our Designer will meet on site with your chosen kitchen fitter to discuss requirements and plans)
  • Detailed breakdown of your final design package including:
  1. Room Elevations
  2. Full floor plan and parts list
  3. Cabinet lighting plan (if required)
  4. Hardware information including but not limited to drawers, internal pull-outs and hinges.
  5. Itemised final quotation
  • An in-depth printed plan for your kitchen fitter to follow


Once both you and your Kitchen Fitter are happy with the proposed plans, a detailed breakdown (as above) will be sent to you for sign off and approval. At this stage a 35% deposit is also required. Once all documentation is returned, we can begin Phase 2- Production.