Dorchester, Dorset

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Project Overview

The main aim of this town house kitchen upgrade was to ensure the kitchen was more user friendly. The beautiful windows are a true feature of this house and the large amount in this space meant the layout needed extra consideration. Where to place a large American style Fridge Freezer, to ensure the room was no imposed upon, was one of our main challenges with this job. Fear not, Andy, Phase 3’s recommended local fitter came to rescue, with the ingenious idea of utilising an already in place panty cupboard by sitting the appliance flush to the wall and adding a bespoke pull out to the side; not only maximising space but giving a wonderfully flush fitted feel to a some what large appliance.  

Moreover, the original kitchen had poor up stands blocking access to the window seals, something which are client was very eager to change. We were able to align the cabinets to ensure the quartz worksurface flowed into the window sill, making a useable space.

We think this Kitchen looks incredible, as do our clients, who were very happy with the services provided.