Kitchens with bespoke requirements

Released On 21st Jun 2019


Phase 3 Kitchens manufacture their own units at our factory in Bridport, so we can offer a wide range of bespoke options for your kitchen. We'll help you to create a unique space with bespoke colours and sizes for kitchen units, accommodate any needs for awkward shapes, and pre-install Kessebohmer pull-outs too, to save hours of time during the fitting phase.


Although we offer five carcass colour choices as standard, you may find that there's a particular colour you'd like to have for your kitchen units (such as a colour-match to the unit doors or worktops, or even a contrasting colour to create a bold feature). As your local kitchen carcass manufacturer, Phase 3 is able to manufacture non-standard colour units for your kitchen, to give you a more bespoke feel without increasing the price astronomically! 

The kitchen shown at the top of this page (along with a second kitchen at the same property for the customer's annex) was produced with bespoke colour units using Egger Aubergine (U330 ST9). If you'd like to read the full case study for this kitchen, take a look here. 



Perhaps you're having a problem getting units made to match an existing kitchen, or you've got a problem area of a specific room where standard size units just won't fit properly. That's not a problem for us. As a kitchen manufacturer we can make size-specific units to get around these complications, taking as much of the hassle out of adapting units on-site as possible, so your build can run smoothly. 

This corner base unit was manufactured for a local tradesman with just a two-day turn around, to match a non-Phase 3 kitchen where the supplier had let him down! We matched their sizes and board colour with no problems, all in a very short turn-around period!


We go the extra mile with every kitchen to ensure that, not only do we deliver everything in immaculate condition, but also that we eliminate any hassle from the fitting phase of your new kitchen! That's why we pre-install every single clever storage solution (kitchen pull-outs, to you and me) and waste storage solution into your units before they leave our factory, all at no additional fee!

This can literally save you hours on site assembling, adapting and aligning everything to get it perfect. Our state of the art CNC machines pre-drill our units for each individual pull-out, you don't have to worry about having to fit any of these again! Those individual requirements for your kitchen no longer need to cost you more in fitting time, as we've already done the hard work for you! Just take a look at some examples below:

Want to find out more about what type of pull-outs we have available? Take a look here for kitchen space savers, storage solutions and waste solutions.

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